Mapping his path to Silicon Valley Power

Maintaining accurate utility maps and records is a crucial task. It is a key ingredient inRiad Holiday Photo for Blog helping us ensure system reliability and resiliency. This is one of the fields that Riad Sleiman specializes in, and why we were glad to bring him onto our team in fall 2019.

Riad joined our team after spending the past 14 years at Burbank Water and Power (BWP). He oversaw a 360-degree view of everything in the transmission and distribution side of electrical engineering at BWP. Ultimately, he was responsible for modernizing BWP’s engineering with smart grid analytics, bringing it into the 21st century.

“Utilities now have the technology needed to modernize records and integrate smart data feeds. This allows us to proactively identify any areas of concern before a problem could arise,” Riad explained. “If utilities have bad information, it will lead to bad results.”

After spending his first four years learning the ins and outs of transmission and distribution at BWP, Riad had the opportunity to become the senior member of his team. He became responsible for hiring a new generation of employees, teaching them everything he had learned over the previous few years and writing up processes to improve efficiency.

Now, as a principal electric utility engineer with us, Riad manages the electric maps and records group. He and his team document, update and maintain Santa Clara’s electric system assets, ensuring that all of our system records are fully up to date.

“I am excited to take what I had learned in Burbank and bring that knowledge to SVP,” Riad says. “I was ready for a new challenge in a new city.”

In his spare time, Riad also likes to use his technology skills to build robots for fun. He is currently designing and building a robot that is able to stand like a human, take in the tones and beat of any song, and then dance to the rhythm.

Riad is trying to get his daughter into robotics, too. He’d love for her to have fun with computers, just like her dad!

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