Empowering YMCA to save money with new solar system!

For more than 15 years, we have been assisting non-profits with installing solar systemsYMCA of Silicon Valley solar dashboard shows how it tracks its energy production in real-time. The graphic shows lifetime solar energy generated is 28,301 kWh, the impact of the production, which is equivalent to 48,922 miles in a car will not be driven, 2,251 gallons of gasoline will not be used, 333 mature trees will have grown, 21,868 pounds will not be burned and 15,370 pounds of garbage will be recycled. The solar system size is 30 kW.Image shows the current weather at 69 degrees Fahrenheit on August 21, 2019, the sunrise at 6:29 a.m., the sunset at 7:53 p.m., the local time at 10:09 a.m., the time at the site at 10:09 a.m. and it shows that the online dashboard was developed by SunPower. on their facilities through our Neighborhood Solar Program. Participating Santa Clara residents and businesses voluntarily donated $5-10 per month respectively through a charge on their electric bill. A small percentage of Santa Clara Green Power purchases were also donated. All funds were matched by our Public Benefits Program, allowing us to award more than $1 million dollars in grants to 13 non-profit organizations in Santa Clara. These grants enable the recipients to reduce their energy costs and use those savings to reinvest in the community.

Neighborhood Solar Program participants nominate potential recipients and then have the opportunity to vote on who receives a system. YMCA of Silicon Valley (YMCA) was selected, which turned out to be a “win” for the organization. Installing a solar system on its roof was always a goal for YMCA, but the organization was never able to justify the expense, as its first priority is to use its funding to benefit the community. With pure excitement and appreciation, YMCA was awarded $80,000 to install a solar system.

YMCA selected Solar Technologies to install a 30.5 kW DC solar system, and since the installation in March 2019, they have seen a 20 percent reduction on their energy bill. By tracking their production through an online tool powered by SunPower, YMCA can see real-time statistics such as how much power is being generated on a daily basis, the lifetime solar energy generated by the system and their impact to the greater environmental good.

David Fisch, YMCA of Silicon Valley vice president of property says, “YMCA of Silicon Valley really appreciates Silicon Valley Power’s assistance and the support provided along the way to install a solar system at no cost. It’s a great investment for the community, as those savings go back to programs for kids and adults who otherwise couldn’t afford to participate.”

YMCA has always prided itself with being an environmental steward and its building is a LEED gold certified green building. With their overall environmental efforts and the incredible savings from their new solar system, we were excited to partner with YMCA of Silicon Valley to reduce its carbon footprint and energy bill so it can use the savings to reinvest in health and wellness programs and educational and enrichment classes for the community.

From the Azores to Santa Clara

Paulo Apolinario holding a soccer ball with his son and daughter standign next to him on a soccer fieldLess than 1,000 miles off the coast of Europe lie the Azores, a small, Portuguese island chain known for its beautiful landscapes, relaxed lifestyle and delicious cuisine. These islands are paradise for any visitor, but they hold a special place in Paulo Apolinario’s heart.

“The Azores are my favorite place in the world,” explained Paulo. “My family is from the Azores – my dad is from São Jorge Island. Whenever I go to the Azores, I feel a strong connection to the land and my family. They are isolated islands in the middle of the ocean, so you are able to escape from the rest of the world and live life at a slower pace.”

Back home, Paulo lives in San Jose with his wife and two kids. He has always lived in the Bay Area, even attending Santa Clara University. After college, Paulo pursued a career in the health care industry, working for Kaiser Permanente in San Jose. But when a job opportunity working for us at SVP presented itself, Paulo jumped at the chance to join our team. He felt that our utility was the perfect place for him to apply his educational background in economics to his career, while working where he is constantly learning from his peers, growing professionally and contributing to California’s energy future.

Paulo originally joined our team as a power system scheduler and trader. In this position, he learned how the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) power markets and the electrical grid operated. He was responsible for forecasting, scheduling, purchasing, selling and managing electric resources in the hour-ahead and real-time markets. Today, Paulo works on a small team as a senior resource analyst, working on energy resource planning and procurement. He makes sure that future potential resources work well with the mission, vision and values laid out in our Strategic Plan.

“My job is really interesting because I am able to evaluate potential new resources to see if they would be a good fit for the utility. It is thrilling to be a part of something that contributes to the future of the utility – it keeps my job exciting!”

Outside of work, Paulo can be found spending time with his two children. They bond over sports – his son is a competitive soccer player, while his daughter enjoys taking swimming classes. This past summer, Paulo was able to take his children to the Azores for the first time. “They had never been before, so I was excited to be able to show them around and let them connect with their heritage.”