Thinking About Buying an EV? Here’s All You Need to Know About Programs and Tax Breaks.

Panorama of EVs

In the City of Santa Clara, we love electric vehicles (EVs). But we know that for first time buyers, navigating the available EV tax breaks and programs can be a head scratcher. Here are a few resources to tell you everything you need to know:

Federal: A nationwide EV tax credit is available for up to $7,500 if you purchase an EV. The tax credit amount varies based on the type of EV and its battery size. Federal EV credits will expire separately for each manufacturer after it sells 200,000 qualified vehicles, and some makes and models will also decrease in credit value over time before hitting this cap. The Department of Energy maintains a list so you can easily see what credits are available for the vehicle you choose to purchase.

California: Through the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, California residents are eligible to save up to $7,000 on an EV purchase. Unlike other states, California takes income into consideration with its tax credit, so low‑income residents are eligible for an increased rebate. Simply submit an application within 18 months of purchasing or leasing your EV to qualify.

Santa Clara: Once you have finalized the purchase of your EV, you can look to us for rebates on Level 2 EV chargers. We offer rebates of up to $750 per charger to help residents fund their EV charging equipment purchase. Rebates are available for residential homes, multifamily housing, schools and nonprofits. Visit our EV Charging Station Rebate page to learn more about the rebate and submit an application.

If you are thinking about buying or leasing an EV, we encourage you to purchase as soon as you can in order to receive the maximum tax credits and rebates possible. Visit our EV page to learn more about EVs, read our EV FAQs and view a map of EV charging stations throughout the city.