How do you get a dog to save the day from a power outage?

Our video on helium balloon safety featuring “Power Pup” is getting rave reviews. Other utilities have screened the work since it first appeared on Vimeo.

The artistic piece is 1:27 long (that’s 87 seconds) and was shot with a home video camera. Encouragement for this level of production value was the Academy Award winner “Searching for Sugar Man” which was partially shot on an iPhone using a $1.99 vintage film app.  

The stars and crew:

Power Pup is played by Lilly, a veteran of over 100 short videos. Lilly prepared for her role with Trainer/Director Mike Martinez, who engineered a dynamic jump as well as the classic stare down sequence.

Toddler, played by the cute South Bay native Mayson, is appearing in his first online role and 91st short video piece. Like all the talent, he donated his time for the public service video.

Mom, played by JoAnn, appears in her first short film after spending years behind the camera recording momentous video behind the scenesand not-so-momentous moments in her family life. 

Michael Martinez as Trainer/Director has created an iconic educational video in this, his third work released to the public. “We didn’t exactly have a huge choice of lenses to create the suspense and non-stop action, so we just moved around with the camera.”

Joe Couto was Production Manager, screen-writer and on-set photographer for the budget balloons in power lines with logoshoot. Joe also works on the visuals associated with our customer communications outreach such as bill inserts and customer collateral.

Josephine Voong, Creative Director, and chief editor illustrated the video’s storyboard and had a hand in all creative aspects. Josephine also does much of the creative art work found in our communications materials.

power Pup with logo
All in a day’s work for Lilly

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