You Spoke, We Listened!

We pride ourselves at staying in touch with our residential and commercial customers and making sure that they know what’s going on, whether it’s tips for saving energy or information about new power resources. And we like to be responsive to customers’ needs. So we occasionally have an independent research company conduct customer surveys to find out how we’re doing with our customers.

One of those surveys this summer showed we set a record for high satisfaction ratings among our residential customers compared to other utilities in California.

Among other questions, customers were asked about their overall satisfaction, their opinion about our rates and whether or not they trusted us to act in customers’ best interests.

The latest results found:

  • Overall, 82 percent of customers surveyed said they were very satisfied with us, a full 15 points above the statewide utility average.
  • Customers are pleased with rates, giving us an average of 7.8 on 0-10 scale, compared with 6.7 statewide.
  • The value of electricity service for the price paid rated 8.2, a full 1.0 above the statewide average.
  • Trust in us rated an 8.4 compared to average ratings between 6.9 and 7.1 statewide for other utilities.
  • 89 percent of customers consider their relationship with us to be “excellent” or “pretty good.”

Our customers also gave us some very constructive feedback, such as a need for us to enhance our online customer service process and improve e-billing services.

We’re working on it! We’re working to update the current version of our e-billing service with a new release that fixes operational bugs and includes usability enhancements, while at the same time, searching the market for a better product.

RKS Results

Legend: Muni – other California public power utilities; IOU – California Investor Owned Utilities

Why It’s a Great Idea to “Hold on Tight” to Helium Balloons

No one likes to suffer the consequences of a power outage, especially when that outage is completely avoidable. That’s why we’re pushing hard on a campaign to let people know that it’s wise to Keep the Light and Hold on Tight when enjoying those lively and lovely helium balloons.

Every year there are multiple power outages in Santa Clara caused by 20150322_171640.jpgwayward helium balloons caught in power lines that can darken traffic lights and hospitals and cost businesses thousands of dollars. So we decided to start an educational campaign to alert customers to the dangers of releasing foil or what you might call “Mylar” balloons.

We contacted local stores such as Safeway supermarkets and CVS pharmacies to start a partnership that benefited the stores, customers and the community. In addition to notifying local English language media, we also ran ads on local Vietnamese and Spanish language radio stations to reach as much of the local community as possible.

The primary message is “Keep the Light, Hold on Tight.”

The pilot program provided stores with a free supply of easily-attached Balloon Tagswarning tags for Valentines Day and the May-June Graduation, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day period. Both a written warning and a weight are required by state law for any foil balloon purchase. We also provided a triangular counter-top placard urging balloon buyers to “Keep balloons fun for everyone!”

We have plans to include even more retail outlets in 2016 to inform balloon buyers of their responsibility to hold onto their helium balloons.

Balloon tent_card with logo.jpg